A Unique Terroir Needs Unique Services


Growing in Prince Edward County comes with its own unique set of challenges.  People are often surprised to learn how different PEC vineyard techniques are from practices in the Niagara region.  Here, a shorter growing season and colder winters means that good management makes all the difference between a good harvest and a great one.

From early spring through first frost and beyond, we are in the fields working the soil, managing the canopy and caring for vines so the grapes have the best possible conditions for growth. Since 2002, Edgar Ramirez has been growing, learning and innovating alongside the flourishing Prince Edward County viticulture scene and is one of the pioneers. He has been at the forefront of establishing systems that work for the County's climate and soils.

Grapes on the Vine


Prince edward county grapes

Whether you’re exploring properties looking for a place to plant the perfect vineyard or need a plan for getting your vines into prime condition, we provide consulting services on all matters grape. With over 17 years of experience working with vines in the County, Edgar knows what works, what doesn’t and how to get the best results from your land.

Look at this rocky Prince Edward County terroir.  Makes for gorgeous wine, yet challenging vineyard maintenance..JPG

Vineyard Management 

worry-free vines

We provide complete maintenance services to keep your vineyard in pristine condition year-round. Enjoy the bounty of your vines and a great looking, healthy vineyard without the worry and labour of managing it yourself. With an experienced crew, professional equipment and over 17 years of experience, we get the job done fast and right. Our clients boast some of the highest grape yields in the County.  


Custom Work  

Extra Hands for your Vines 

Need a hand with pruning, spraying or hilling-up? Don’t have enough hands to harvest when the grapes are at their peak? We provide custom services, giving you as much (or as little) support as you need to manage your vineyard.  

Post Pounder Side View

Trellis Installation 

Secure your vines

PEC soils can be extremely rocky with lots of limestone, making it difficult to drill holes without the right equipment. Our core drill and vibrescopic post pounder are just two of the tools that we use for secure, even installation of end posts, t-bars, wires and anchors. We know exactly how to build in this area, and can create the right structure for any type of vine training system.  

The work has been outstanding from my perspective. I am amazed at what Edgar has done with my vines. I LOVE it! I’m very happy to speak to the fantastic work Edgar and crew have done.
— Nick Pyle, Grafton
Edgar and his crew took over the management of our vineyard this year and we couldn’t be happier. His crew is knowledgeable, efficient and take the utmost care to ensure the health of the vines as well as the aesthetics of the property. We are very impressed and are happy to act as a referral for him.
— Chris Parsons, Parsons Brewing Company, Picton
As a new grape grower in a new area, Edgar and his staff’s knowledge and expertise has been invaluable to me. Access to Ramirez Vineyard Services to provide instruction on trellising (from what and how much to order) to pruning, training and spray applications has allowed me to continue to move forward with my vineyard dream. A few more years and I might even have some grapes to harvest thanks to Edgar’s consulting services!
— Brenda Mercer, Plainfield
Edgar and I have been together working in my vineyard since the beginning of his business. I trust his judgement and respect his good sense and energy. I feel like it is OUR vineyard. Edgar lets me do as much as I can and is ready and willing to be right there helping me along. My good stock of estate wine is a testament to our excellent working relationship.
— Liz Brown, Hillier
When Edgar took over the management of our vineyard, we breathed a huge sigh of relief. He is completely professional and dependable and excellent value. Our chardonnay has never looked better. He has reshaped it’s architecture to make the vineyard a marvel.
— Alan Gratias, Cressy
We rely on Edgar’s expertise and knowledge when it comes to managing our private vineyard. Understanding our vision of this small vineyard, he offers advice and suggestions that are in keeping with our long-term goals. The County is fortunate to have such a committed and well qualified vineyard service!
— Ted Pickering, Chetwyn Farms
Edgar has been a valuable and integral partner for me since we planted our vineyards at Norman Hardie Winery. His all round experience and valuable tool resources cover all aspects of vineyard establishment and management. For me he has become the “Go to Guy” in the County when I am in a bind and need to get something done. Edgar is easy to work with, interacts well with my team and is absolutely reliable. Glad to recommend him to anyone that needs help.
— Norm Hardie, Norman Hardie Winery & Vineyard, Hiller
Dear Edgar, thanks so much to you and the guys for the great work in our vineyard. They really did do a good job and I wished we had used Edgar sooner.
— Lisa and Ross McLeod, Loyalist Estates, Sophiasburg